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I bring Reflective Practice into everything that I do.


Reflection, regularity, and collaboration are essential components to building strong therapeutic and supervisory relationships. As an endorsed Reflective Practice Faciliator II in California, I am qualified to provide the supervision required of clinicians working towards endorsement through the California Center for Infant/Family and Early Childhood Mental Health Services. 


Additionally, I supervise trainees and interns who have completed specialized training in Clinical Art Therapy and are completing hours of experience toward a Registered Art Therapist credential. 


With over six years of experience providing individual and group clinical supervision, I look forward to learning about and meeting your supervisory needs.  

“The purpose of reflection is therefore to bring our reasoning processes and behaviour patterns to the surface and make them explicit.  However, uncovering these can be difficult because so much of this knowledge is tacit and spontaneous.  When we develop a pattern of behaviour that works in certain situations, we will tend to repeat it until it becomes automatic.  We can’t describe the processes involved because we are not aware of what is going on.. It is only when something goes wrong or something unexpected happens that we may stop and think about what we did and what we could or should have done in the situation.”


Carolyn Maughan, “Learning how to learn:  the skills developer’s guide to experiential learning” in Julian Webb & 

Caroline Maughan, eds., Teaching Lawyers’ Skills, (London: Butterworths, 1996) 59 at 76.



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